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Powered by cutting-edge technology

Passionate about solving hard problems and building innovative products

Building the most trusted and unmatched knowledge-sharing platform in the world

Technology powers everything we do at Dialectica – from communicating with clients and finding the most relevant expert profiles in just a few minutes to indexing and categorizing thousands of pieces of information every day.

By building our own proprietary technology, we’re enabling the world’s business and investment professionals to make better decisions faster . With a vision to roll out more information services software products in the coming years and shape the future of the industry globally, we provide our people with the tools and space to make innovation happen.

How are we solving hard problems and building innovative products?

Technical excellence

We’re continuously learning new skills and trying out new approaches and testing the latest global technology trends and advancements.


We believe that we perform better when we make our own decisions about our schedule and environment.

Agile methodologies

We want to be agile, but not followers of set-in-stone methodologies. Our processes are tailored to our people, embody our way of thinking and are designed to make our team more efficient, focused, and consistent.


We don’t just support innovation. We provide our people with all necessary tools and space to make it happen.

Open culture

We cherish collective creativity and responsibility. We’re open to fresh ideas, feedback and different perspectives to challenge ourselves and the status quo.

Cross-functional teams

We bring together people from various backgrounds and spheres to work towards common goals.

We believe that the road to better software products is through technical excellence and effective product management.

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What tech are we using?

The 5 steps to becoming a Tech team member

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First Interview
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Example Task
Tip: we welcome any amount of research that will help you come to your solution

Second Interview
Tip: Meet our team leaders and find out all about our workplace environment and company culture

Job Offer
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Dialectica is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.