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Decoding Coding 1.0 | Why learn to code?



January 20, 2021

We are a tech team, it’s natural to love coding, writing code it a huge part of what we do… and what we do here at Dialectica shapes the future of the entire information services industry and the business world as a whole. However, we believe that coding and programming languages aren’t just for software engineers and developers, coding is for almost(!) everyone! This is why we are kicking off with a mini series of articles to “decode” coding by exploring the benefits of learning to code, looking into what coding is and what kind of careers it can get you.

For this first article, our team sat down together to answer one simple yet somehow complex question: Why learn to code (or even consider a coding bootcamp)?

Our world is digital

Digitalization is no longer a concept, it is a phenomenon we are witnessing on a daily basis. Our phones, watches, cars, even our own homes have now become smart and they are able to know, understand or help us organize our ways of life.

If you own at least one gadget you must have experienced this one way or the other; from getting a watch notification letting you know that you haven’t stood up for a while today and encouraging you to take a 2-min walk to using your phone to control your kitchen’s microwave or the security system in your house. In this environment, learning to code can be empowering, as it enables you to communicate directly with the device or the computer and understand or even control how it works.

Increased job opportunities

As technology continues to redefine our physical and digital lives, a career in cybersecurity, fintech or IT is considered highly advantageous, with all the more companies from any industry actively recruiting for full-time software engineers (just as we do!).

A recent international study found that 35% of the recruiters responded are planning to hire 50+ developers within 2022. As we are witnessing a worldwide software engineering talent shortage, coding remains the no.1 skill in demand for software development-related jobs. Technology is here to stay and take all the more central role in the evolution of various industries. From security to finance and marketing, if your future goal is to launch your own start-up, having basic coding knowledge and technical understanding will be a huge benefit.

Coding literacy

This thought leads us to what might be the top reason why you have to learn what coding is and how it works: coding literacy can help you better understand technology itself and open new opportunities for your career or even your own company. Anyone with a couple of years of professional experience acknowledges that technology is literally everywhere around us so being able to grasp how things work from a technical perspective is a huge advantage. Code is the only language computers understand and the only way for us to communicate with them.

Learning to code can also help you more easily develop several soft skills from math and writing to creativity, focus, communication and interpersonal skills. However, what we would like to clarify is that following a career in software engineering and learning basic coding are two different things.

Becoming a developer requires expert coding skills amongst others and staying up to date by learning new frameworks and advancing your development skills as technology is evolving at a rapid speed. Nevertheless, even the most basic coding skills can take you from being a passive observer to an active participant in today’s digital world and help you to navigate the future with confidence.

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