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On-demand insights to power faster decision-making

Dialectica for Corporates

Discover how our solutions empower corporations to transform decision-making, drive growth, and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Get expert support in deal evaluation and due diligence, benchmark negotiation and deal structuring, receive best practices in integration and execution.

Market Analysis

Easily grasp market dynamics, regulatory and commercial trends, map opportunities for geographical expansion. Gather inaccessible competitive intelligence and stay ahead of the curve.

New Product Development & Strategy

Evaluate and refine your hypotheses before introducing new products or ventures. Engage with key stakeholders for an ongoing feedback loop.

Strategic Planning

Enhance your strategic plan by accessing domain knowledge and expertise of former executives.

Voice of Customer

Gather unbiased customer feedback, engage potential customers or non-customers. Learn key purchasing criteria, test new product assumptions, brand awareness or customer trends.


How we serve corporates

Expert Interviews

1-1 calls with custom-recruited, hard-to-find experts that meet precisely your requirements.

B2B Surveys

Obtain quantitative insights at scale, with respondents transparency. Gather customer feedback, and conduct market studies.

Insights Reports

Bespoke market and product insights, voice of customer and competitive intelligence delivered by our in-house consultant team.

Company & Industry Snapshots

Triage your deal flow faster with on-demand access to company profiles. Research new subsectors with thematic mapping reports.

Trusted by more than

200+ corporate clients

in 90+ industries

in 20+ countries

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