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Access real-time insights

Gather expert knowledge and unlock time to focus on what’s important: making decisions

Why trust us?

Bespoke service

We assign a dedicated point of contact and team to each client account to provide unparalleled, customized services tailored to your requirements

Hard-to-find experts

We rapidly iterate our expert search based on a deep understanding of your demands to timely deliver the most relevant expert profiles. More than 65% of profiles are first-time, custom-recruited experts

Proactive compliance

We ensure that you’re able to conduct primary research safely and securely; our Client Protection team proactively monitors risk and keeps your interests protected

Accelerated results

We deliver more value, fast by investing heavily in our proprietary cutting-edge technology and data assets

We design our services with your needs in mind.


Interviews: Organizing expert interviews that can be conducted via phone or virtual meeting

B2B surveys: Providing access to custom recruited and vetted respondents across niche B2B markets. Learn more > 

Dialectica-led calls: Scaling up your research efforts by conducting expert interviews on your behalf

Insights projects: Addressing your research needs by combining our research products into a custom deliverable

Project engagements: Supporting your strategic projects with flexible and on-going access to industry experts

Service add-ons:

Executive summary transcripts: Structured summaries of key insights from your interview. Learn more

Transcripts: Full transcripts of your interview

Recordings: Audio recordings of your interview

Language solutions: Live interpretations or translations of your transcript content

Written deliverables: Custom input from executives addressing your key questions

An ideal expert search partner for

Private equity
Navigate the future with confidence by better sourcing and screening new opportunities, diligence deals, and creating value in your portfolios
Support your commercial due diligence, growth strategy, benchmarking, and operational improvement project engagements with differentiated knowledge
Public equity
Obtain unique insights when assessing new names and evaluating existing portfolio investments
Credit funds
Evaluate the ongoing health of potential investment targets with real-time information
Access external expertise to inform your corporate development, M&A, growth strategy, R&D, and business development efforts

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Find out how Dialectica can give an edge to your next project.

Find out how Dialectica can give an edge to your next project.

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