Why make your people’s experience a top priority



February 23, 2023


Maggie Da Prato – Head of People & Culture, Americas
An organization’s greatest asset is its people. With Gen Z at the center of today’s business world, progressive companies must tailor their recruitment and retention practices to meet the needs of the rising generation of employees. What steps can People & Culture teams and organizations at large take to put our people’s experience at the forefront, and support them in their career development?

The first step is understanding your team members better and identifying what they are looking for from their career. Many of today’s employees wish not only to succeed professionally but also to create something of their own that can have a positive impact. A workplace where they are given the opportunity to take initiative, think out of the box, and participate in the development of innovative products and solutions can be a starting point in that direction. At Dialectica, our people can explore new business ventures through a successful business model and propose ideas for new processes, and initiatives.

In addition, according to Diversity wins, a report published by McKinsey, companies with greater representation in their leadership -in terms of gender, ethnicity, and culture- are strengthened to the point that they outperform other organizations that are less diverse and inclusive. A company should focus on creating a diverse and inclusive environment for its team members, where they are equally valued regardless of their gender, age, background, cultural, religious, sexual identity, and orientation and have equal opportunities for professional development. At Dialectica, recently named to the list of Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates by Canada’s Top 100 Employers, we emphasize developing and maintaining an inclusive culture so that our people can express themselves freely and feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Another important practice is fostering a learning and development strategy for its team members, aiming for professional and personal growth and empowerment. What we do as a company, is offer a comprehensive career path with clearly outlined responsibilities and vast training opportunities. Through this, they can advance essential transferable skills, such as communication, problem-solving, project management, commercial awareness, leadership, and adaptability. It is key to provide your people with customized learning and career opportunities while building a great support system and ensuring them competitive compensation and benefits.

It is unfortunately a common trap for companies to focus on solving growth challenges rather than proactively looking for ways to further keep engaged key talent and high potentials. This can be a huge missed opportunity, as today’s high potentials are true cultural enablers and can become tomorrow’s best leaders. When it comes to business decisions, it is important to remind ourselves that our people are the first driver for team engagement, ESG company success, and productivity. A company that understands this will be able to retain its best talent.

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