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Reflecting on 2021



December 23, 2021

A message from our CEO and Co-founder, George Tsarouchas, looking back at Dialectica’s greatest moments of the past year.

What a year has 2021 been! At Dialectica, our team works to bring unique insights to the world’s top business professionals, shaping better decision making worldwide- this year’s successes have, once again, exceeded my expectations.

Six years after Fred and I launched Dialectica, we have become a truly international company recognized by the largest clients in our industry as providing the best product, with the best service. Within the last 12 months, our team in Europe has exceeded 400 members while our office in Montreal has reached 100 employees. Montreal is now serving as our hub in the Americas and we have already launched two new offices in Vancouver and New York. And this is just the beginning of our journey as in the coming years we plan to open new offices in more cities. At the same time, we are evaluating new ventures and seeing more opportunities for launching products and establishing new business lines to help professionals in every corner of the world make better decisions.

2021 made all of us at Dialectica dream even bigger; our expansion journey might seem bold and ambitious but we are confident that, with our outstanding team, we can achieve it together. The tremendous successes of our 500+ employees are strengthening our commitment to our clients and force us to set the bar even higher.

This is why we stay committed to building a great future for our teams, our clients, our experts and our local communities. Our growth means that we are able to provide outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development to our homegrown talent as well as our experienced employees across our corporate teams, as we continue to develop and promote from within. Our company’s goal is now to reach over 1,200 colleagues globally within the next three to five years. In parallel, we will never stop offering the highest quality of service to our clients and experts. From day one, our differentiating factor has been to deliver unparalleled value to all people and businesses within our ecosystem.

Within just twelve months we have made so much progress together and much of the work we’ve done this year has been about realizing who we are, what we do, what we aim for in the future and how we’re getting there. There is still a lot to do before we reach the very top, but I am confident that Dialecticans can turn any challenge into a new opportunity. With this in mind, I personally promise that next year’s company strategy will be focused on our people. For 2022, myself and our leadership team will put four core areas at the center of our strategy:

  • Innovation: At Dialectica, we put a lot of focus on our proprietary technology that enables us to deliver more value to our clients faster, however innovation goes beyond technology. This is why in Q4 2021 we launched a new Innovation function to enable the development of ideas, testing, launching and scale up of new products and services and bring additional value to our clients, experts and employees.
  • Learning and Development: Dialectica is, and will always remain, a business of opportunity — building tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs. With enhanced skill development training courses, mentoring and coaching programs for 2022 we will enable our team across the world to develop and cultivate key business and people management skills that will make them successful.
  • Employee Wellbeing: We want a healthy team that can flourish and enjoy long careers within our company and beyond. As we have already announced, next year we will be taking more steps towards improving the health and wellbeing of our employees, offering them a world-class experience. Taking excellent care of our people and allowing them to support their loved ones, while providing them with the means to do their best work, are top priorities for me.
  • Corporate Citizenship: Our services help businesses make well-informed investment and business decisions that enable economic growth and the efficient use of resources. At the same time, we want to give back more to the communities in which we live and work. In 2022, I will be announcing some exciting initiatives that will enable us to contribute to society and our communities.

Reflecting on 2021 and the great achievements of the team, I don’t think that there was ever a moment in 2015 when I foresaw the success of Dialectica that I’m witnessing now. I’d like to use this opportunity to personally thank everyone for believing, supporting and most importantly making Dialectica what it is today; our international workforce that stays true to our company’s values; our clients as well as our exceptional experts.

Looking at 2022 and beyond, our team’s future is shining brighter and brighter! Creating a startup and growing it to a global information services firm from scratch is not an easy task, but with passion, respect, transparency and collaboration everything is possible.