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In a snapshot: Open Days @ Dialectica



December 12, 2022
Explore what an Open Day at Dialectica is like and get ready to join us in our next office event across our international locations!
Open Days in our company offices were kicked off in early 2021 and up to now, more than 300+ participants had the chance to get a glimpse into life at Dialectica. These special events are held at our downtown office locations in Europe and the Americas, open to university students and graduates from top-tier universities and driven student organizations as well as ambitious professionals, interested in expanding their industry knowledge, enhancing their soft skills, and discovering our cross-teams job opportunities.

An interactive introduction to the information services industry

With a vision to shape better business decision-making worldwide, we partner with the world’s leading investment and consulting companies, as well as the largest global corporate businesses, enabling them to collect real-time information and market insights from industry experts across markets, industries, and regions. From the very first moment, the Open Day offers you a deep understanding of our goals and vision. The event is kicking off with a project activity  that challenges you to put yourself in the shoes of a business leader Here you are called to think of which factors you would take into account as a business leader, in different case scenarios. In this fast-growing environment that is flooded with global competition, geopolitical changes and digital disruption, you always need to make efficient and informed decisions in order to effectively respond to changing market conditions, threats, and opportunities and therefore secure the future success of your organization.  So, if you were a business leader, where would you be searching for high-relevant insights to inform your decisions? How would you ensure that the information you are accessing is up to date? Who would you be most likely to reach out to? Whether you are called to imagine that you are planning to acquire an international coffee-production chain, that you are interested in understanding the dynamics of the crypto-market or that you are developing a green packaging program for your FMCG company, this activity will give you a good overview of the challenges our clients are faced with and, the solutions and information services company like Dialectica can provide.

Experiencing life as an Associate in our high-energy workplace

Through an Open Day at Dialectica, you also get the chance to see our Client Service team in action. A Client Service Associate is the epitome of our business and our go-to person when it comes to conducting high-level research into industries and companies, identifying and speaking with knowledgeable  experts to ensure they have the most relevant experience to address our client’s needs. During this activity, our Client Service team members are sharing insights, milestones, and challenges on real business case studies across different industry fields- from agriculture and grocery retailing, to drones and medical imaging while also discussing day-to-day tasks and projects. As our colleagues on different career stages of the Associate Program are openly sharing their overall experiences and developed skills across the field of research, sales, project management, client communications, operational excellence, people management and so on, you can get a taste of your potential growth in our company. Following the introduction to the role of a Client Service Associate at Dialectica, there is often an office tour of our workplace that gives you the bigger picture of working in a collaborative and diverse hub. Exploring our co-created spaces, such as our books corner, and discovering more about our employee-led initiatives, such our LGBTQ+ and Women Employee Resource Groups will give you the opportunity to uncover common interests with people across our teams.

Enhancing top soft and business skills through a series of workshops 

Through a mixture of educational activities, you get to discover important tips around effective negotiations and project management skills with the help of our Client Service team or everything about personal branding and interview abilities with support from our Talent Acquisition team members. Depending on the subject of the activity, you are challenged to work on an adequate workshop that will further enhance your skills; either it be to try and negotiate with different types of people, apply main project management principles in hypothetical market requests, plan out a job-hunting strategy or challenge yourself to respond to dilemma interview questions. At Dialectica, we are committed to constantly training our people in a strong mix of transferable soft and business skills that help them develop both personally and professionally. As a team, we are aiming towards growing together in an inclusive environment and this mindset is something we wish to impart to our visitors. No Open Day at Dialectica is the same as the next one, and that’s what makes our attendees want to come back again to experience different activities. 

Networking with professionals across departments

Regardless of your goals, plans, interests, or questions it is guaranteed  that you will find the right people to talk to during our networking part which is full of special treats and drinks, and on certain occasions, music and group introductions. Our fast-growing team consists of more than 800 talented individuals, from 30+ different nationalities, who have pursued multiple diverse academic degrees. If you are interested in discussing our Associate Program pathway, getting a better understanding of our business model, finding out more about our culture and team-bonding activities, navigating our available job opportunities, or simply receiving some tips and exchanging views with our colleagues, networking at Dialectica creates mutually beneficial interactions that lead to meaningful connections and inspiring partnerships!

Interested in joining the next Open Day at Dialectica? Stay tuned by following us on Instagram: @lifeatdialectica while also exploring our English-speaking job openings in Europe and the Americas via  our Careers page.

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