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Global Relocation #Stories: Chapter 1



June 7, 2023


Andriana Koilia
Marketing and Communications, Senior Associate

The expansion of #teamDialectica to 900+ employees and the introduction of new services have made the internal relocation program at Dialectica, which offers team members with the opportunity to relocate to different office locations across the world, highly popular. Through an internal platform, professionals across departments are welcome to submit their interest in relocating to different offices to collaborate with local stakeholders, support new initiatives or even grow new units from scratch. Today, we are introducing the Global Relocation #Stories, where employees who relocated to different destinations share their insights.

Sotiris Methenitis, Manager, Client Service

During my time at Dialectica, I experienced tremendous growth alongside the company. In just three years, I progressed from the Associate role to  overseeing 18 individuals. I began my journey at Dialectica in 2020 as a Client Service Associate in Athens, working with the local team to support the market in North America. From the start, I collaborated with stakeholders across different time zones, testing my adaptability and pushing myself for excellent individual performance reviews. Those circumstances led to a relocation to Montreal, an opportunity for career development and personal growth.  

It was at the same time that I was also promoted to a Client Service Associate Manager. Climbing the professional ladder on a different continent brought both opportunities and challenges. I had the pleasure of working with diverse personalities from around the world, adjusting  to and learning from their working styles, values, and ethics. Maintaining a cohesive culture and efficiency while integrating with new colleagues was the biggest challenge for me.

Relocating to a completely new city was highly beneficial for my personal and professional goals. It allowed me to enhance my soft skills, broaden my perspective, and develop an open mindset. Exposure to different cultures, countries, religions, and customs enriched my knowledge and understanding of the world. I would not be the same professional if I had not made the step.

One of the benefits of my experience was the support provided by Dialectica’s relocation program. The organization went above and beyond in assisting with paperwork and necessary arrangements, eliminating the need for me to navigate the process independently. 

The fact that everything was arranged from day one gave the opportunity to look out for getaways and adventures on the side. I visited Latin America, the United States and traveled across  Canada. Montreal is indeed a city that offers winter sport activities and a wide range of coffee and restaurant places. 

Overall, my journey at Dialectica has been an amazing experience, and I believe that every young professional should be given the opportunity to grow in this way.

Sea Kayak Adventure to Cape Sounion: Team bonding activity with Sotiris’ Athens-based colleagues, 2020

Anastasia Gkosiopoulou, Client Protection Senior Manager, Americas
After completing my Bachelor’s studies at the Democritus University of Thrace – (D.U.Th.) in Greece  obtaining my Master’s degree from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and holding experience in the field of Law, I began my search for my new career step. When I came across the completely unknown to me, until then, term ‘’expert networks’’ and ‘’information services’’ I thought that the legal and compliance position at Dialectica would offer me exposure to a whole new world and very niche markets. I applied for the Client Protection and Legal Department, and now, three years later, I find myself in Montreal as a Senior Manager, Legal, Privacy & Compliance!

As our team was still small but had great potential, I was quickly immersed in the world of corporate legal issues. We delved into studying best practices, and aligned with our customers’, experts’, and business’ needs to create a strong legal and client protection framework. After a year, I was offered to relocate to Montreal from Athens and establish the CP and Legal Team in the Americas alongside my colleague, Stavros. Eager to grow professionally and experience a different working culture, I accepted the opportunity.

This relocation brought about exciting challenges: undertaking new responsibilities, setting up a department from scratch, adapting to the local culture, and facilitating collaboration with the CP and Legal team in Athens. The highlight of this journey was my transition from working towards my individual goals to growing as a professional with a teamwork mindset by contributing to the business growth on a global level and figuring out how the members of my team would also make their own business footprint.

While I do miss certain aspects of the Athens office from where I started, such as the sunny weather and daily routine, my new base allows me to embrace the Canadian lifestyle, immerse myself in nature, and explore South America—an adventure that brings me fulfillment.

To those who feel hesitant about relocating overseas for a job opportunity, here is advice coming from someone who was also afraid: take the leap! We only discover our true potential when we step out of our comfort zones!

The new-built Legal and Client Protection team in Montreal, 2023

Eleanna Sfyra Ragkousi, Global Head of Business Development

I joined Dialectica as a Client Service Associate back in 2015, when the company consisted of only three people. After three years, I moved to London, where I am currently based, and transitioned to the Business Development Team.

In my current role as Global Head of Business Development, I frequently travel to three office locations: Montreal, Athens, and London. What I enjoy most about business traveling is the opportunity to collaborate with diverse individuals across different offices and meet my team members, despite our various office bases. Each destination has accessible and interesting nearby locations, allowing me to explore new places during my travels. I appreciate the company’s support in managing paperwork and accommodations, as well as the welcoming culture of the local teams, who are always eager to share suggestions and show me around their cities.

Every city we operate in has its unique charm, and I love exploring different activities in each location. Montreal is perfect for strolling through neighborhoods and exploring parks and landscapes. London has a vibrant arts scene, so I often indulge in visiting local theaters, museums, and exhibitions. On a warm spring morning, Athens’ city center looks stunning, and I enjoy spending time with friends and family, hopping between local cafés and restaurants.

If I were to offer tips to fellow business travelers, I would be encouraged to remain open-minded, listen to colleagues, and appreciate cultural differences and individual perspectives. On a personal level, I would suggest prioritizing a healthy lifestyle and habits. 

Enjoying the Game of Thrones Escape room in London, 2021

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