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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Inspiring Thoughts of Women at Dialectica



April 18, 2023

Redefining Success, Overcoming Obstacles, and Empowering Future Generation


On International Women’s Day in March, our female colleagues shared their thoughts on leadership, inspiration, and breaking barriers in male-dominated fields. Despite progress, women are still underrepresented in the corporate world, as highlighted in the Women in the Workplace 2022 report by McKinsey and LeanIn.Org. However, women contribute significantly to the professional world and our society daily. 

Our Dialectican Women have shared their insights from their experiences in male-dominated fields, such as technology, where women still account for just 25% of the workforce. Their thoughts continue to inspire us and demonstrate the vital role that women play in shaping our organization and society as a whole.

Let’s hear what they have to say!

What are some keys to being a good leader?

Sanja Ilic, Managing Director, Content Platform

“To be a good leader, it is crucial to master the art of clear communication, inspire and motivate your team, show empathy and understanding, lead by example, take responsibility for your mistakes, and allow your team to innovate. You also need to constantly evolve, as learning never stops!”

Katerina Karagiorga, Commercial Operations Director, B2B Surveys

“It means having the courage to do what is right, not what feels comfortable and easy, showing genuine empathy and care, inspiring people to become their best selves, being a role model of continuous growth via taking thoughtful risks, recognizing failures with honesty, learning and trying again.”

Eleanna Sfyra – Ragkousi, Head of Business Development, Global

“It’s important to be creative and always one step ahead. You need to constantly be thinking of ways to best utilize the talent in your team, while you create development opportunities for them, throw them new challenges, motivate them to accomplish new things, and go the extra mile – all while ensuring they realize the impact they have and how important their role is in the team accomplishments. And on top of that, all this needs to be aligned with company priorities and goals; it needs creativity, and there are always many limitations to what you can do, but if you find ways to align the ambitions and personal goals of your team members with the business priorities you are set for success.”


What is the most inspiring thing you have been told that has been helpful to your professional journey, or in general?

Martina Varouxaki, B2B Surveys Senior Manager

“Trust your abilities, be confident to act, and see the forest, not just the tree.”

Mariza Kapnisi, Client Service Senior Manager

“Studies, job interviews, and even everyday work can cause challenges and conflicting conversations. For me, such instances throughout the years have proven to be inspiring and very empowering. This is because I had to push to erase doubts, defend my accomplishments, unlock strengths I didn’t know I had, and find my true passions.”

Archontia Koutoulia, Product Manager

“To grow and make your dream a reality, you have to define what you want to do. No one but you can set limits on how much you can achieve. Once you set your goals, incorporate them into your plan, and start working on them, you will be one step closer to where you want to go.”


What would you like to say to young professional women?

Stella Malle, Director of People & Culture, EMEAA

“Be kind, brave, honest, and open to the realities of the workplace! Have the confidence to take more risks early on, even if it means you might stumble along the way. Don’t just sit at the table, talk at the table!  Consider yourself a capable person whose voice needs to be heard. Let people know about your achievements because hard work is not enough to get the recognition you deserve and crave.”

Eva Alexiou, Vice President, Content Platform

“Challenge yourself! Step out of your comfort zone, try different things, and grow through success and failure. Learn as much as you can by surrounding yourself with people who have diverse experiences and points of view. Set high goals, work hard, and find partners to go further together.”

Marilena Vasilakakou, Head of Learning and Development

“Building a career is similar to raising a child: it takes a village! There is no need to reinvent the wheel and asking for advice does not make you lesser, so know when it’s time to ask for help and build your own network of trusted professionals that can guide you and support you throughout your uphill journey. Let go of the imposter syndrome and know your strengths and areas of development better than anyone; admit to yourself when you ARE good enough.“

Stella Bourdi, Client Service Vice President

“Being a competent professional or a good leader it’s about finding your own personal way of delivering results and enabling other people’s growth. It’s about building diverse teams where each one can thrive on their own, real talents and contribute to their team’s success. Ask for help and accept the help others offer to you. You’re not too sensitive if you’re empathetic or too tough if you’re demanding. You don’t have to fit into stereotypes and don’t stereotype your male colleagues. They can have a great feminist leadership style and can be great allies in your journey.”

Evangelia Louri, Financial Accounting Manager

“Women professionals have proven that they can shape the future of business. You can succeed in any profession, just: be passionate, enjoy your work, don’t be afraid to show you care about others, respect everyone you work with and choose employers who promote an inclusive work environment.”


Name one woman colleague that inspires you and shortly explain why.

Katerina Stolis, Director of Leadership Coaching, EMEAA

“I would choose Eleanna Ragkousi. When I first joined Dialectica, Eleanna was the first woman I met, and I was immediately taken by the glimmer in her eyes and her sense of vibrancy. Since then, Eleanna has inspired me because of the special and unique manner she combines bravery, tenacity, and warmth.”

Stefania Diamantara, Legal and Client Protection Director

“We are really lucky to be surrounded by very inspiring women colleagues at Dialectica! Stella Bourdi is one of them. She has been a real inspiration to me because of her great leadership skills, natural kindness, and authenticity. What really fascinates me about Stella is her ability and commitment to turn vision into reality!”


What does it mean to be a woman in tech?

Victoria Alexiou, Director of Product

“Being a woman in tech means letting the geek inside you roam the room freely, generating ideas and implementing them. It also means that you are no longer the odd one out, but one of the many wonderful women who enable the creation of amazing tech products and services”.

Margarita Noti, Senior Product Manager

“From my perspective, it means being part of an evolving community of professionals aiming to shape a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.”

Women make valuable contributions to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace and fostering employee well-being. At Dialectica, we recognize the vital role of women in driving progress in the corporate world. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and a supportive environment for all our employees, regardless of gender or background. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone! 


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