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B2B Surveys #explained



October 25, 2022
Get to know why B2B Surveys that give access to proprietary insights are in high demand for business and investment professionals looking to make smart decisions.

Consuming syndicated research is a prerequisite to compete in markets across the globe, but it is not a source of investment alpha. The instantaneous global dissemination of information through traditional and non-traditional channels have revolutionized information exchange and transformed how markets function.


Representatives from consulting and private equity firms have shared with us that they have historically been unable to launch survey projects in niche B2B markets; at a time when the demand for validated business insights and market data is higher than ever. To back up their business decisions and evaluate billion-dollar investment opportunities, business and investment professionals need access to real-time, trusted information and datasets.


In today’s environment – where globalization, new technology and transformative innovation disrupt the new normal – powerful, real-time insights from B2B customers, as well as subject matter experts enable companies to gain an edge against the competition. B2B Survey services help businesses to navigate the future with confidence and make smart business decisions, by obtaining untapped expert knowledge from vetted experts anywhere in the world.


The value of B2B Surveys

B2B Surveys today are available to a wide range of businesses, working as a powerful tool for:


  • consulting companies looking to collect up-to-date facts, opinions and information from key B2B stakeholders to help their clients access industry knowledge about local and international markets and stay on top of trends across sectors, 
  • investment firms that are seeing the necessity to generate unique angles against competition, through primary research-generated insights from on-the-ground industry professionals in real time, 
  • and corporate businesses seeking proprietary information from specialized experts to shape their business plans, inform their strategies and review their operations in order to maximize efficiency.

 The Dialectica B2B Surveys model

With a one-stop-shop solution that gives businesses access to proprietary insights and datasets from custom-recruited B2B experts, Dialectica’s B2B Surveys proposition has been built to address the specific needs of clients requiring insight from niche B2B markets and key local experts. 

How does Dialectica create a new segment in hard-to-find B2B Surveys?

Our ability to custom recruit and pre-screen survey respondents enables consulting and investment professionals as well as corporate businesses to generate quantitative survey insights in niche B2B markets where previously a survey hasn’t been achievable to conduct. At the same time, we provide a true one-stop-shop solution, working as a trusted partner across expert recruitment, survey design and programming, project management and data collection and delivery, saving our clients valuable time and resources. 

In a nutshell, a Dialectica B2B Survey:


  • generates proprietary, high impact quantitative insights across a range of project types for consulting firms, private equity investors prior to or as part of the due diligence process and corporate businesses seeking to inform their business plans and strategy decisions,
  • ensures end-to-end survey delivery including expert recruitment, survey design & programming, project management, data collection, results delivery and visualization,
  • enables Dialectica’s clients to source meaningful insights from survey participants (e.g. C-level professionals and hard-to-find customer decision makers in niche B2B markets),
  • only includes pre-screened candidates to ensure high quality survey results,
  • offers full respondent transparency, providing clients with the option to schedule follow-up telephone consultations with selected experts for a powerful combination of quantitative and qualitative insights,
  • And ensures ongoing customized research and constant realignment throughout the survey project lifecycle, resulting in a survey population that is truly representative of the client’s market study and tailored to their insight needs.

A differentiated B2B Surveys process

With a focus on hard-to-find custom recruitment surveys, Dialectica follows an agile research-first approach, putting the needs of its clients at the forefront.


After a project briefing discussion around the selection process, volume, duration, timeline and design of the survey is completed, our B2B Surveys team designs the survey to make sure that the research requirements of each project are met at the highest standard. Maintaining our unmatchable, custom recruitment capabilities, we ensure custom, targeted recruitment of hard-to-find experts, full respondent transparency, ongoing customized research throughout the project lifecycle and constant realignment on evolving needs. Our final deliverables offer complete transparency on survey respondent identity through our superior tracking capabilities with a unique survey link to each vetted expert, excel tables with all data and the option to organize follow-up expert interviews with survey respondents, as needed.

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