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Advancing the Path to Breaking Down Barriers: Empowering the next generation



May 20, 2024

In their ​​Women in the Workplace 2023 report, McKinsey & Company, in collaboration with LeanIn.Org, reported a concerning statistic: while women now comprise 48% of entry-level roles in Corporate America, that number drops drastically as we advance through senior roles, with only 28% holding C-suite positions. Even though these figures are not where we would like them to be, it is important to recognize that the road to gender equality is a marathon, not a sprint.

This sentiment is especially true in a sector such as the Private Market, where there is a prevalent assumption of male dominance. Just as a marathon is a test of endurance, progress in achieving equality requires a sustained effort over time. This progress is exemplified as various industries are recognizing the importance of representation by shining a light on women in leadership roles. We particularly enjoyed reading Private Equity International’s “Women of Influence in the Private Market: The Shape of Things to Come, an article showcasing the contributions of 60 influential women shaping the future of the Private Market.

Women of Influence

The article highlighted how these leaders, selected from more than 630 nominees, are revolutionizing their respective markets. It is truly inspiring to witness the diversity of backgrounds and experiences represented, from established firms like KKR, Mercers and Ivanhoe Cambridge to newer players like MetLife Investment Management and Stonepeak. Women are indeed at the forefront of shaping the future of the alternative sector!

At Dialectica, we were eager to share this list with our leadership team recognizing the impact they have on diversity and equity within our organization. Amplifying industry success stories and providing a platform for women in leadership is essential to our vision of shaping better decision-making worldwide.

Where it is true that representation matters, it is equally important to be an active player in change by analyzing our teams’ structure, promotions criteria and hiring practices to ensure equal opportunities for all.

With partnerships spanning over 150 private equity firms globally, Dialectica aspires to lead by example. Our private equity department in the Americas has a strong track record of female leadership on the Vice President level. Currently, women make up for 54% of all positions in the department, with 50% of leadership roles filled by women.

A Promising Future

Looking back at the percentage of women in corporate America, it’s evident that there is room for improvement in increasing women’s representation in leadership roles. However, amidst this reality lies an encouraging trend: while the number of women joining entry-level positions has remained stable from the 2022 report, there was a +2% increase in women holding C-suite positions.

As we continue on the marathon toward a truly equitable and inclusive workforce across sectors, let’s celebrate the achievements of women who are breaking down barriers and empowering the younger generation.

From the whole Dialectica team, congratulations to all 630 women nominated for this recognition. The full list of all 60 featured leaders is available in the article here.