Will I be getting opportunities to grow professionally? Will they challenge me enough? Do our ambitions align? These are questions usually candidates have in their mind when applying to different jobs , but guess what! These are also questions a company asks itself — especially high growth companies — when considering a candidate.

Within my first year at Dialectica, I had the opportunity to interview hundreds of applicants, participated in multiple career events and network with young ambitious professionals, of which approximately 2% actually managed to land the job. What was the reason behind this? Not their low GPA or non competitive skills, but mainly because organizations nowadays need people with a combination of skills and traits as well as career goals that align with the company’s vision for the future. They welcome people that are willing to unlearn and relearn, a candidate that will be a culture add not just culture fit.

So what can you do to make your job application stand out?

1. Embrace your social media

Treat your LinkedIn page as an online CV — it actually is! Recruiters spend a lot of time networking and sourcing potential candidates through social media. Follow professionals and recruiters to boost your visibility and avoid using your Facebook or Instagram profile picture.

2. Less is more

All those articles that you read on how many seconds recruiters spend to review your application…well it’s true! So use this knowledge and make your life easier. If you have up to 5 years of experience, one page for your CV is enough. Use the space well and customize your application based on the role. If you are applying for a finance related job, underlying your interest in Marketing will not help you pass to the next stage.

3. Do your homework!

In a digital world, you can access information through multiple channels. Do not rely only on information applicable in the “ About us” section of a company’s website. Research, research, research! Research clients of the company, google competitors, read articles related to the industry the company belongs, review current and former employee backgrounds through LinkedIn, sense the culture via social media. These are just a few quick wins that will save time during the interview and will enable you to do a more constructive conversation with the Hiring Manager and better understand the work environment and the challenges of the role you are applying!

4. Always remember that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression

Be on time for the interview meeting and choose an outfit that is aligned with company’s dress code. If you can not estimate the traffic or you have never visited the area where the premises of the company are, start earlier from your place. Should you arrive early, grab a coffee and try to relax.

While entering the reception, always be polite and make sure that your mobile phone is turned off. And remember, all the time you spend there is a learning opportunity for you to get a great grasp of the work environment so maximize the opportunity to learn more about your future employer.

Enjoy the interview experience:)

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