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Our Compliance Framework

Securing your interests, empowering your trust

Our Compliance and Legal team is committed to proactively monitoring risk and protecting confidentiality through our Dialectica’s dedicated diligent policies. Through a framework that monitors projects every step of the way and safeguards that all aspects of the project are assessed, we ensure confidentiality and that our clients and our experts are 100% protected.

Hear from our clients and experts

Meet our global Compliance & Legal Team

30+ highly trained compliance & legal professionals worldwide

24/7 coverage

45.000+ hours of compliance monitoring

200+ Compliance training courses per year

130+ annual trainings on Clients’ Custom Compliance Requirements

Project Lifecycle

Prior to the launch of a project, our Clients are welcome to join calls with dedicated members to set the specific requirements of the partnership. Customized screening questions and approval processes follow.

Project launch

A Project Launch Form is completed by the Client user, on a project basis, where the Client confirms the project compliance rules.

Compliance Check

The Compliance & Legal Team ensures that the project’s compliance rules are in accordance with Client’s requirements and Dialectica’s internal policies, through real time active monitoring of the project in all phases.

Extensive analysis and guidance are provided to the Client Service Team, regarding Client’s request and updates.

Screening questions are evaluated and tailored for each Client!

Expert Engagement

In parallel, our team engages with hard-to-find experts, in compliance with the client’s requests and our internal policies.

A robust flagging system allows the Compliance & Legal Team to gain extensive visibility over the entire engagement process of an expert.


Experts are screened by our highly trained Client Service Department. The Client tailored and approved questions are used to ensure that the screening process is compliant.

Expert Approval

The Experts are requested and/or approved by the Client.

Before the consultation takes place Experts sign Terms of Engagement. The Terms of Engagement encompasses multiple sections such as confidentiality,  privacy, and experts’ obligations prior, during  and after the consultation.

Secure conference platform

The consultation call between the expert and client takes place.

Next project coming up!

After completing all their requested calls, the Client is ready to kickoff their next project with us!

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