We all know that the most interesting part of a success story is the very beginning.

The story of Dialectica began in a London coffee shop where our two founders, George and Fred, sketched out an ambitious business plan to build a client service quality differentiated business in the fast-growing knowledge economy space.

This was back in 2015. Now, Dialectica has 2 offices located in London and Athens and 130+ employees.

What was the reason behind this hypergrowth? The reality is, 60% of startups do not live beyond 2 years and a very small percentage reach the scale up phase. Luckily, we belong to that small percentage.

When creating Dialectica’s business plan, the vision was pretty clear.

“We identified that the demand for expert knowledge was exploding and knew from personal experience that clients felt underserved by existing solutions available in the market.”

(Fred, Managing Director)

The vision has been to innovate the way information is shared across the global business landscape and provide a customized, tailored and quality driven experience for clients. So, in a few words, what is Dialectica doing?

Dialectica is a knowledge sharing platform that connects the world’s leading investment and corporate strategists with industry specialists across every sector and every geography to address their information gaps.

Looking at 2019 the company is surpassing targets, breaking records, and celebrating its 4 year anniversary this Friday night with an Athens beach party! Into 2020 the company is planning to accelerate its growth with new clients and international expansion.

Although, this wouldn’t have been possible without the great technology and client protection systems that enable us to efficiently & safely serve clients, there is a key element we have yet to touch on — our people. It is the drive, ambition and talents of our employees that has enabled us to achieve hypergrowth and move from 55 employees to 130+ strong in just 1 ½ years.

“One of Dialectica’s core values is that ‘we care endlessly for our people’, which means that we aim to attract, develop, and retain the best possible talent the market has to offer. We want to build a great company that attracts and cultivates exceptional people!”

Hazem Fadly — Director of People Operations

So, is Dialectica your place to be?

If you are looking for a dynamic and challenging environment, keep scrolling.

The Research Analyst experience can offer many things like exposure to c-suite executives, continuous learning opportunities, and young international environment (80% of the employees are under 30!), just to name a few.

Dialectica has a strong and active company culture and winning mindset, providing a plethora of benefits like team bonding activities, sponsored sports events, individual and group rewards and recognition, CSR activities and many others (yes, also a great breakfast on Monday mornings!).

Are you interested in being part of a winning and growing team and taking part in the exciting story that is Dialectica?

Well, we are waiting for your application in our website in one of our open positions!

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