Experience the world as a Dialectican!

Embark on a new adventure by working with us from some of the most vibrant urban locations in Europe and the Americas.

Is it going to be Athens, with its burgeoning startup scene, summery weather, captivating culture and youthful vibe? Will it be Montreal, the multicultural artistic hub with numerous music festivals and a spectacular cuisine combined with a fast-growing tech startups ecosystem and excellent professional opportunities? Or Vancouver, one of the top tech-savvy cities in the world, tons of green spaces, coffee culture, micro breweries and a hub for outdoor adventure will be your choice?

No matter which location you will end up choosing, the Dialectica Relocation Packages have been designed to enable citizens of the world to work and live from some of the most attractive international cities, by helping them to adjust to your new city.

Get ready for a new life experience with Dialectica!

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