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Finish the Sentence — with Marc-Henri Schoucair



October 20, 2021

Following the completion of his Strategic Management and Finance studies at McGill University, a LinkedIn discussion and a coffee meeting with our Co-founder, Fred Corkett, as well as a really successful interview process with Nikitas Mansour Sayegh and Archontia Tsiampali, Client Service Vice Presidents — Americas, Marc-Henri Schoucair, became one of the very first Client Service Associates of #teamMontreal back in September 2020.

Under Nikitas’ coaching and Archontia’s mentoring, Henri was promoted to a Client Service Associate Manager just nine months later and he is now leading his very own team of five. Today, he gives us a good glimpse into his journey at Dialectica through a finish-the-sentence game:

  1. Following my very first interview, the impression I had about Dialectica after my first interview was… that it is a place where talented people can exploit their full potential while being mentored by highly-skilled professionals.
  2. The best bit about my job is… the exposure to many different industries and the fast-paced projects that foster commercial awareness and give you a great understanding of business dynamics.
  3. The most challenging bit about my job is… managing people with more professional experience than myself as it requires a very adaptive and tailored management style. And one more thing: our team is growing at such speed that it makes it tougher and tougher to find bars and restaurants to accommodate all of us.
  4. The best thing about my team is… the incredible diversity of such talented and passionate people.
  5. The favorite part of my working day is… our morning meeting in which we discuss our priorities and tasks of the day as well as the strategy we should adapt for each client project.
  6. The thing I would never change about Dialectica is… the culture. Dialectica’s flat culture is a great way to foster collaboration within the whole company, enabling us to become highly flexible and adaptable.
  7. The thing I would definitely change is… our coffee consumption — for sure. It is becoming a budget in itself.
  8. The word(s) I would use to describe our team in Montreal are… talented, young, entrepreneurial and ambitious.
  9. The most important lesson I have learned at Dialectica so far is that… the sooner you get out of your comfort zone, the faster you will grow.
  10. The best advice I would give to someone considering joining Dialectica is… to develop their commercial acumen. It will help them a lot in their first days within the company.
  11. The most important value of our company culture is… caring about each other. When you join Dialectica, you join a family.
  12. Imagining my future within Dialectica, in three years from now… I would hopefully have mentored many talents and have helped them to achieve their goals and grow their skills.
  13. My most challenging Dialectica moment was when… I had to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to high level executives to onboard them on projects as experts.
  14. If I hadn’t joined Dialectica… I would either have gone into consulting or launched my own startup.
  15. If you’re considering joining our Montreal team, I should warn you that… the learning curve is steep but if you’re up for the challenge then Dialectica is the place for you.

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