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Discussions with an Associate: Irene Bika



September 1, 2022

Our B2B Surveys Associate, Irene Bika, takes us on her Dialectica journey discussing her role at the B2B Surveys team, and overall experience as a member of #teamDialectica.

Can you tell us more about you? What was your career journey before joining Dialectica?

I have a bachelor in Psychology and a master degree in Cognitive Psychology from Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki. During my studies, I was involved in research having published my Master’s thesis and I also worked as a psychologist for 3 years before joining Dialectica. I moved from Thessaloniki to Athens to start working at Dialectica as B2B Surveys Associate, back in January 2022.

At first glance, moving from psychology to the information services industry may seem like an unexpected decision to make, but if you look closer, understanding human behavior as well as communication is the basis of both fields. I became interested in working in the business world during my studies. Attending courses such as Cognitive Psychology and Neuromarketing made it clear to me that knowledge of psychology can be of great value in the corporate environment. Finally, my love for research found a new field of expression at Dialectica. The research here is completely different from what I did before, but the search and discovery elements are still here.

Would you like to share some details about your role and responsibilities?

My role as a B2B Associate is to provide to our clients access to custom recruited and vetted respondents across niche B2B markets. A typical day at B2B Surveys starts at 10:25am with team morning meetings where we discuss and set our priorities and action plan for the day. We follow an agile research-first approach and then move on to very precise screenings of profiles to ensure that our experts are highly relevant to the project brief. As each project is different, covering any market and region in the world, before kicking off the research, we need to fully understand the client’s mandate and proceed to a comprehensive mapping of the sector, market, value chain and so on. As demand is high and competition is fierce, it is imperative that we meet specific deadlines so that we can deliver high quality results to our clients in real time.

What are some things you really enjoy about your work?

First of all, our culture. For me it is the most important thing and the one that makes each day unique and fun to experience. We try to create conducive conditions and a rewarding working environment where every team member can express themselves, ask questions and seek support from their colleagues when needed. Office team bonding activities, such as themed Fridays, when we find small reasons to celebrate while we work, are a must in B2B Surveys. 

Something else would be the many, different opportunities for professional growth the job provides us with. We are constantly learning and developing skills such as project and time management, task prioritization and effective communication. By mastering these we gain useful knowledge that we can apply to every aspect of our lives.

What do you do to overcome a challenging day at work?

Everyone has their own strategy for dealing with a challenging day. What works for me is reaching out to my teammates to exchange thoughts and discuss work-related concerns. I often go to my manager who is very supportive and always available to go through an issue or worry I might have and provide proper advice. I also find short breaks quite refreshing as they can help me to relax. Listening to music or talking with a friend outside of work can help me to distract and recharge. 

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years from now?

Well, I can answer this in two completely different ways. On one hand, I see myself as a well rounded professional having developed leadership skills and be able to manage my own team of people. On another note, I would love to combine my love for chocolate and painting and open a chocolate shop, where I can paint with chocolate, create delicious chocolate bars, and make people a little happier eating them.

What passion projects do you do outside of work?

As you might have guessed, I cook and I paint! But my interests don’t stop there. I like to make crafts such as soaps and candles as well as art and crafts from clay. In addition, Ι enjoy hanging out with my friends, going for long walks, reading books and of course listening to music, even singing at times. 

What is a book/ podcast/ article/ movie that inspired you?

I am pretty self motivated but sociable as well, so I could always find people that act as role models for me. When it comes to a specific piece of content, I find a lot of value in Alice Miller’s books, a psychologist and author. 

If your Dialectica experience so far was a song, which one would it be?

For me it would definitely be Colors from Black Pumas! Its vibe reminds me of Dialectica and this impression is enhanced by the lyrics. The song talks about the diversity of the world and its people. Listening to it I am transported to a place where acceptance, inclusion and opportunity for all is the only way to go. 

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