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5 tips on how to book more consultation calls in 2024



January 18, 2024

With an increasing number of subject matter experts entering the expert network universe, booking consultation calls is easier said than done.

So, we compiled a list of helpful and handy tips to help you gain a competitive edge and obtain more expert network calls in 2024.

1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

Haven’t updated your profile recently? It might be worth taking a look. During the screening process, your LinkedIn profile serves as your working resume providing Dialectica and our clients with insights on your previous work history, geographic expertise, industry familiarity, and so much more. Let your profile showcase your capabilities.

2. Revert back within 24 hours

We understand experts like you can be very busy. But the competition is fierce. Many of the knowledge-sharing opportunities offered by our clients require quick correspondence – project scopes with short turnaround times or nearing the end of completion. When you receive a notification from a Dialectica associate, do try your best to connect within one business day to learn more about the project details, including the timeline.

3. Expedite your screening process

Make yourself available for a Dialectica screening call, which can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. Our associates aim to ensure that the project aligns well with both your skills and our clients’ needs. You can schedule a brief phone call or simply request the screening questions via email. This ensures that you are contacted exclusively for relevant projects. Additionally, this process not only benefits the current project but also assists our teams in matching you with similar projects in the future, tailored to your specific expertise.

4. Quality makes the difference

During the screening process, make sure to include qualitative and quantitative comments with your answers. Remember, your insights are your unique selling proposition. Our clients seek more than “yes” or “no” answers to their questions. Experts who provide specific, quality answers are 75% more likely to be chosen for more expert calls or other consultation projects in the future. Your answers aid the selection process by helping us confirm that the project fits your area of expertise.

5. Maximize your availability

Avoiding back-and-forth messages is crucial to ensuring the process is not bogged down by excessive communication. During your screening, you will be asked about your availability for the upcoming days. Be mindful of time zone differences and aim to give multiple windows of availability for greater coordination. We strive to accommodate calls within your preferred schedule, but certain projects may require booking a time slot within 24 hours.

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